Share Access Database Over Network

share access database

Share Access Document Management over network and use it simultaneously at the same time between several users.

Using Access Splitting function it becomes a powerful DMS tool (Data Management System) shared over network.

It is really simple to share access database: just split it in Microsoft Access full view, copy back-end (this is heart of database, all data is located in back-end) on shared location on network (this could be simple shared folder, shared external drive or network attached storage (NAS)) and send front end (this is interface of database).

This way all users can use it at the same time meaning that you can easily add or review all documents in database simultaneously.

In the video tutorial shown above, we first created shared folder on desktop computer and enabled laptop computer to view and edit this folder.

After that we opened database in full view in Microsoft Access (holding SHIFT key while opening) and used Access Split function to share access database in two parts:
Back-end contains the data tables and all data that is stored in database. We access to back-end trough front-end.
Front-end contains other database objects such as queries, forms, and reports. It is interface between the user and the data access layer (the back-end).
Back-end is then moved to shared folder and front-end is distributed to laptop user so he/she can access to database.
By changing user privileges we can limit who can add new documents, so end users are not able mistakenly add or erase documents in database.