ADM Basic

ADM Basic is document management database with custom designed stand alone user interface.
It can be used by anyone who is accomplished to work with Microsoft Access, some of operations are done in Access Design view and others trough stand alone application.

Share database over network and use it simultaneously at the same time between several users. This way it becomes great DMS (Document Management System) tool that enables to you greatly increase productivity of your team.

Database is 100% working with the existing tables and forms, but you can also adjust it to suit your own needs.


- Choose Department Code
- Select Class Code
- Enter Subject Code and Subject Name


- Enter Subject Code
- Name your Document Name and details
- Link Document to database


- Search Documents by:
Name, Recipient or Sender
- Show all Documents


- Search Subjects by Name
- ADM displays Subjects with all associated Documents


- Search Subjects by selected Department and Class
- Save classification .pdf file for review and print

  • 3 level hierarchy: Department, Class and Subject
  • All categories and belonging documents are number coded
  • Operations done in Access Design view:
    • Adding Departments
    • Adding Classes
    • Editing data
  • Operations done trough stand alone application:
    • Adding Subjects
    • Adding Documents
    • Search Subjects by: Name, Class and Subject Code
    • Search Documents by: Document Name, Recipient, Sender
  • Classificationsave .pdf file and print the complete database content sorted by hierarchy
  • Security- add users with different permissions
  • Database contains following objects:
    • 6 Tables
    • 3 Queries
    • 8 Forms
    • 1 Report
    • 1 Module

You want code numbers for categories and documents?

We've covered that for you. Assign unique code numbers to Departments, Classes and Documents so you can mark and track them by short codes.


Link it!

After entering Document name and details simply attach link to Document.

Screenshot: Access Document Management database

Save database Hierarchy.

If you want to view and print whole database content ordered by hierarchy, just save .pdf file and you are ready to go.